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Committed to Quality


At Moonshine Equestrian, we pride ourselves in quality training programs for both horse and rider. Regardless of age or skill level, competitive or recreational, we create a positive environment for learning and success.

Moonshine Equestrian is the place for anyone in need of boarding, training, riding instruction or equine care. Committed to offering quality service at discounted prices, our packages make it affordable and simple for experienced horse owners and new riders alike to receive the professional training and instruction they deserve.

The Trainer


Erin Rosser

Training from a very young age with many knowledgable mentors who taught her not only the technical side of training and riding, but also instilling a deep understanding of how to work with horses effectively.

Jumping with competitive show barns such as Randy Cano and Elvenstar by the time she was only five years of age and riding in a mounted drill team well before the age of ten years old, Erin has years of experience in and out of the show ring of both western and english disciplines.

By the age of eleven she learned under the guidance of International Champion horseman, World Champion breeder and founder of Access Adventure, Michael Muir how to ‘break’ horses to ride under saddle. Working with Muir at Rush Ranch she began to understand working student duties: cleaning barns and paddocks, riding horses, etc. and in exchange she learned the art of driving carriages as well as the privilege of working with the disabled and horses together.

She continued working under a show barn of the Los Angeles area, thirsting for more knowledge of the english riding discipline. Beginning as a working student, Erin soon became its head groom, assistant trainer, manager and assistant riding instructor. It was then she decided to create her very own show barn naming it ‘Moonshine Equestrian’ after her rescue Husky, Moonshine. Often he is seen around the facility and is known as the mascot of the barn. He loves to come down and ‘help’ teach lessons, go on trail rides and snuggle with everyone and anyone he can find, kisses always included.

Our main goal is to always appeal to both western and english riders, yet Erin always continues her thirst for knowledge and growth in the sport, “I created Moonshine Equestrian as a way to share my love of horses with true horse crazy, barn lovers just like myself in an affordable manner. Horses have always been a huge part of my life, and I believe quality equestrian training should be affordable for everyone. I’d love to share my experiences with you, too!”

Our Horses


Super Powah Doll

Affectionately known as “Dolly,” this old pro is our go-to girl for lessons with both new and experienced riders. Dolly is an AQHA that is both energetic and reliable. She is very well-trained in multiple disciplines: intro to jumping, dressage and pro on the barrels. Her favorite pass-time is barrel racing, and she’ll steal your heart with her sweet disposition.

Fifty Shades of Bay

“Darton” is a Hanoverian gelding schooled up to 1.20M and shown in hunters, equitation, jumpers and dressage. He loves food and snuggles, but currently loved by his new leaser while his mommy is away at college!


Joey is also an AQHA, trained in Barrels but a pleasure to ride in both English and Western. He is also one of our lesson geldings, more suitable to advanced beginners, the perfect step up from Dolly. His quirky personality, sweet temperament and willingness to please make him a barn favorite. He is available for an in barn lease.

Stella Rosa

“Stella” is one of head trainer, Erin’s personal show horses in the making. She is started under saddle and is going through the fine tuning portion of her training. Her breeding is of Akhal-Teke, and Appy-Thoroughbred. Erin owned her dam as one of her first horses and was more than delighted to take her in as part of the Moonshine Equestrian family when she found this little mare. Slim yet sturdy and efficient, this gorgeous girl is a pleasure to see running around the arena.

Pegasus High Life

“Pegasus” is now part of the Moonshine family! She is one of Erin’s personal show horses, coming all the way from PA to join us. A 2007 un-raced Thoroughbred mare with a beautiful dappled palomino coat she is just the amount of pop that fits in perfectly here at Moonshine. We look forward to seeing their progress together in the jumper ring for 2018. She is currently being offered for an in barn lease.


Our cutest and newest member is under a year old and was just weaned away from her momma, Dolly! A little Quarter Horse filly, “Angel” has already come such a long way. When she gets older she will be a great western performance horse. Hopefully following in her mother’s hoof steps and taking on the barrel racing!


Owned and so very loved by his mommy Ella, “Henry” is also from PA like Pegasus. He’s adjusting to his new home with his new Moonshine friend wonderfully! Soon to be seen in the hunter rings, we are more than confident he will bring great things to the competition world as well as all his good vibes in the barn. We will be keeping track of his training as he is just starting his own Moonership for training!

What our clients say


  • Professional service and quality horsemanship are strong characteristics of Moonshine Equestrian.

    Isaias O.
    Isaias O.
  • Erin is a wonderful trainer, professional, down to earth, great with kids, and experienced, both through a life filled with horses, and many years of professional instruction, both in English and Western. If you're looking to climb up in the saddle for the first time or continue a seasoned riding carrier, she's here to deliver.

    Cecily M.
    Cecily M.
  • Erin is a wonderful Instructor. She was easily able to assess the experience level of both my mom and I and made it a wonderful experience for both of us! She has a fun and great bubbly personality and anyone would enjoy lessons from her!! We both rode Dolly and she was just that a doll!.

    Jessica G.
    Jessica G.